Music for Solo Trumpet

Modern Lore (2013)

Happy Song (2014)

The Creative Juggler (2014)

song (2014)

musings (2015/16)

dubious variants (2017)

stepping (2015/20)

chanting I (2015/20)

    for 4-valve flugelhorn

chanting II (2018/20)

    for 4-valve Bb trumpet

Music for Solo Trombone

Catch if Catch Can (2020)


Music for Two Trumpets

an epic trilogogic (2015-2018)


Music for Brass Trio

The Opener (2015)

Meditation (2015, rev. 2016)


Music for Trumpet and Piano

Travels (2015/16)


Music for Trumpet and

Mixed Ensemble

chanting I (2015/18)

    for 4-valve flugelhorn,


    double basses,

    and organ

Contact Jack for interest in his compositions.