Ost Etudes

“Ost’s Characteristic Studies offer the trumpeter challenges towards perfection. These etudes are composed in a modern classical style which remind me of a collective ‘tip of the hat’ to Arban’s Characteristic Studies, Bousquet’s Celebrated Studies and Brandt’s Orchestral Etudes.

The pattern work and charming motifs will keep your fingers technically sound and your voice humming along to the tunes. Have fun, keep the articulations light and flexible, try on cornet and be original!”  – Jack Sutte

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Here are a few of my favorites. For purchase of the full collection, visit nathanost.com/sounds


Lyrical Study #13, Andantino - “car trip to the fair”

Lyrical Study #15, Andante moderato - “sunshine canoe paddle on a vast lake”

Lyrical Study #18, Adagietto - “rolling fields”

Lyrical Study #19, Moderato - “kid’s new toy”


Characteristic Study #9, Moderato

Characteristic Study #11, Adagio cantabile

Characteristic Study #14, Allegro

Characteristic Study #17, Allegro moderato


Ost, Miniature Etude #6 – Charging

Ost, Miniature Etude #8 – Floating

Ost, Miniature Etude #20 – Shattered

Ost, Miniature Etude #21 – Ending credits

Clash of the Elements


Clash of the Elements


Winners of the 2020 OST Etudes International
Championship Series