METTLE – SonataPalooza I – Vol I (CD Purchase)
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The bold idea of the SonataPalooza is to combine SonatenAbends (multiple sonata evenings) in a way that is fun and unusual. The title, METTLE, the first of the paloozas, is intentional – to describe the project’s scope (with fortitude, determination, and resolve) with the homonym wordplay of “metal.”

BENT  is dedicated to my entire family and all my teachers (you know who you are) – it takes a village, love, and strong roots to grow. One of my passions is to expand the solo trumpet repertoire, and, in the spirit of Fanfare AloneBENT  presents a collection of new and storied unaccompanied works for the trumpet family of instruments.

Fanfare Alone (CD Purchase)
Beyond the Moon (CD Purchase)


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Fanfare Alone is a collection of fanfares and solo pieces performed on the Schilke family of instruments, and written by composers of the 20th and 21st centuries – Christopher Buchenholz, Ornette Coleman, Brian Fennelly, Margi Griebling-Haigh, Alejandro Guarello, Kevin Johnson, Ryan Karr, Otto Ketting, David Loeb, Clint Needham, Philip deOliveira, Robert Pound, Morgan Powell, Ilana Rainero-deHaan, Jeffrey Rathbun, Paul Rudy, Jack Sutte and Stefan Wolpe.

Beyond the Moon captures repertoire for trumpet and piano that has never been recorded. Each track on this recording represents a “new work” that encompasses musical possibilities which have evolved from an appreciative friendship with each composer. May our unique worlds of sound inspire you to follow a journey of harmonization with each other, our earth, and vibrations beyond the moon. New Music for trumpet and piano by Lee, Loeb, Pound, Reynolds, and Schoenberg.

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