Jack Sutte (b. 1973)

Jack Sutte

is rather tall and bent on life. Originally from Wisconsin, he favors a gourmet burger or bratwurst off the grill, onions, cheese, the outdoors (walking, yard work, gardening, and splitting wood), and frequents team sporting events with his family, particularly those that occur in the fall and winter months. Currently bearded, he enjoys coffee and hot sauce flavors from around the world and brings home European chocolate for his troops, including his wife, Audra, known as “The” Zarlenga, a force of nature. He is also known to enjoy beer and cheese, steak and wine; he often wears flannel and is most thankful to live in Cleveland.


During his Curtis and Juilliard days, he was known as “Allegro” Jack. Christoph von Dohnányi hired him into the Cleveland Orchestra fold in 1999, and he currently teaches at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music and Cleveland State University. His tone has been described as “tolerable” by a noted trombonist. His primary trumpet teachers include Patricia Backhaus, Michael Davison, J. Craig Davis, Frank Kaderabek, Raymond Mase, and Chris Gekker, though his teachers in life include a list well suited to his current age of existence.

Check out Factory Seconds Brass Trio (www.factoryseconds.org) and Jack’s previous recordings, Beyond the Moon and Fanfare Alone (www.Amazon.com), for his chamber and solo work, as well as his interests in composition and arranging. A Schilke Artist, Jack is an avid proponent of contemporary trumpet music. Recently, Jack collaborated with Nathan Ost (www.nathanost.com) and Clark Media Productions (www.clarkmediaproductions.com) in the recording of Ost’s Lyrical and Characteristic Studies. If you google “Jack Sutte,” you’ll find a bucketful of interesting tidbits of information on his hobbies and musical career.